IPANEX® creates waterproof high-performance concrete

IPANEX®, a concrete admixture, gives you the concrete you need to build for the future – no matter how aggressive the environment.

IPANEX® is a complex alkaline earth silicate admixture that chemically reacts with portland cement to improve the physical and chemical properties of concrete in all stages of development.

The development of IPANEX® started in the late fifties and is well connected with the start of IPA Bauchemische Produkte GmbH. Based on the chemical composition (combination) an application of antecedent products with very similar characteristics is probable.

IPANEX® has been used in Germany, Austria and Switzerland from the very beginning as a concrete additive as well as an mortar additive, particularly in construction of drinking water containers. This is confirmed by certificates according to DIN 1048 and for the use in contact to drinking water.

Advantages of IPANEX®

IPANEX®  improves the concrete in your structure by

  • Increasing durability
  • Extending service life
  • Reducing permeability
  • Protecting against reinforcement corrosion


  • Contains no calcium chloride (or other chlorides)
  • Lower slump concrete is more easily mixed, placed, and consolidated
  • Lower water/cement ratio
  • Highly cohesive, eliminating voids and honeycombs
  • Bleed-water is reduced, providing for earlier finishing
  • Excellent workability when floating or troweling
  • Easily pumped

Minimizes segregation In the Curing State

  • Significantly reduces shrinkage
  • Lower controlled heat of hydration


  • Higher compressive strength (slump for slump and equal air content)
  • Meets the requirements of ASTM C 494, Chemical Admixtures for Concrete, Type A
  • Positive effect on all physical properties
  • Watertight under hydrostatic pressures up to 7 atmospheres-more than 100 psi (0.7 MPa). Forms a completely watertight mass.
  • Hard durable surfaces are resistant to dusting or spalling
  • Surfaces are also highly resistant to cavitation and abrasion
  • Eliminates formation of condensation in the pore matrix, resulting in excellent freeze-thaw resistance
  • Is inorganic, thus providing anti-bacterial, fungicidal properties
    IPANEX reduces efflorescence and exhibits increased resistance to chloride ion penetration — it cannot wear off like a coating (AASHTO T259-78).

IPANEX® References

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